Enjoy Sydney

It doesn’t feel like you have been in Sydney for almost 15 weeks and before we know it, it will be time for you to head home. Over the next week try to take time to do the things you have not yet done or you haven’t done enough of. If you visited Manly beach and loved it, go there again. If you’ve been eyeing a gift for yourself or a loved one, consider buying it. We think we are coffee experts around here so if you haven’t tasted our coffee give it a try. I’m hoping many of you will return to Sydney very soon but if life gets in the way and you can’t make it back here for a while it would be a shame to not do the things you want to do.

With home in site I’m sure many of you are looking forward to going home and telling friends and family about your experience. It is very easy towards the end of a study abroad program to be focused only on your return home. The end of any college semester can be hectic, and the thought of packing your belongings and saying goodbye to friends can often make the relaxed atmosphere of home seem even more appealing. Regardless of how focused on home you might be right now I encourage each of you to make the most of your final days in Sydney. Take photos, try different restaurants, explore a new suburb, walk the harbour bridge, check out a mall, go to the park, people watch, visit a gallery, go for a surf, visit the zoo, ride a train and spend time with friends. Regardless of whether you are sad to be leaving Sydney or happy to be returning home you should try and make the most of these last days. After spending 15 weeks in Sydney it will be nice to return home knowing you made the most of this experience.

Your visa and visiting Australia in the future

Over the semester a number of you have asked about options for returning to Australia to live or work. I have been doing some research but unfortunately I haven’t been able to find a similar visa option. It doesn’t appear as though your current visa (subclass 462) can be easily extended. There are tourist visa’s available and these can be easily obtained in the future; however, a tourist visa does not allow visitors to legally work.  I will continue to research visa options and if any of you are interested in returning to Australia for an extended period please let me know and we can talk further.

Checking out of your room

Checking out of your room at Urbanest is an easy process. Before you leave a member of the Urbanest staff will check your room and common space with you. On the day of your departure please speak with a desk worker to arrange a time for this room check. Desk workers may not be able to check your rooms immediately so please allow approximately 40 minutes for a desk worker to come up to your room. Once a desk worker has checked your room please return your mailbox key and entrance card before leaving.

Desk workers can only check a room when all of your belongings have been packed and you are prepared to leave.

Step 1. Pack your belongings and clean your room and common area

Step 2. Arrange for an Urbanest staff member to check your room with you (allow approximately 40 mins)

Step 3. Return your mailbox key and entrance card on your way out

Leaving Items Behind

A room in Suite 8 has been designated as the place in Urbanest that you can leave items for members of future cohorts. Starting Thursday, Dec. 12 ,Meera will have a key to one of the unused rooms in her suite and any items you wish to leave behind can be stored there.  Over the next week Meera as well as the other members of her suite will be travelling so if you plan to take items to their suite please contact them to arrange a convenient time.  Please only consider storing items in suite 8 if those items are in proper working condition and you believe members of future cohorts could use them.

Cleaning your Suite

As you are preparing to leave for the semester don’t forget that cleaning supplies are available at the Urbanest front desk.  These cleaning supplies are offered to students free of charge and can be very helpful as you prepare to move out.  The Urbanest staff expect all rooms and common areas to be returned to their original condition before you leave. Generally kitchens are often the areas that require the most attention so it might be worthwhile starting the cleaning process now (if you haven’t already). If you have any questions please feel free to talk to a member of the Urbanest front desk staff.

Luna Park???

That’s all I’m going to say about that

Prince Alfred Pool

With the weather heating up now is a good time to make use of the public swimming pool at Prince Alfred Park. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, Prince Alfred Park is located on the east side of Central station and it was the scene of our shock loss to Boston University in kickball. The Prince Alfred Pool costs $5.70 for a casual visit and it is a stone’s throw from Urbanest. A leisurely 10 minute walk sure beats a bus to the beach on a hot day.



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Some Aussie food you can’t leave without trying

With only a few weeks left I thought I would create a list of some Sydney take-out food you MUST try.

Oporto – Oporto chicken burgers have become a Sydney fast food favourite. Opened in North Bondi in 1986 the Oporto chain has grown to over 130 stores nationwide. There grilled (not fried) chicken burgers are some of the best in Sydney.

Donor Kebab – Donor kebabs are available at a variety of locations and are not the product of any one particular store.  Members of Sydney’s Turkish, Greek and Yugoslavian communities introduced the Doner Kebab decades ago and now a late night kebab is as Australian as almost anything else. Donor kebabs consist of beef, lamb, or chicken that is cooked on a vertical spit. The meat is then carved and added to pita bread with vegetables and the sauce of your choice.

Harry’s Café de Wheels Meat Pie – Harry’s Café De Wheels was originally a food caravan similar to mobile food service vans you would have seen at your local or state fair. The original Harry’s was located at Woolloomooloo and it is a local icon. Harry’s meat pie’s have become so popular that now a number of stores carrying the Harry’s name are located around the city.  Meat Pie’s are available all over Sydney but you haven’t really had a meat pie until you’ve had one from Harry’s.

Passiona and Solo – Passiona and Solo are soft drinks that were created by the Schweppes company. Both of these fizzy drinks can be found at almost any corner store. Passiona is a passionfruit flavoured soft drink and Solo is a lemon flavoured soft drink that resembles a fizzy version of American Lemonade. If you haven’t noticed already, Sprite is what Australians refer to as lemonade and lemon squash is what Aussies refer to as lemonade.

Minties, Jaffa’s and Fantales – Minties, Jaffa’s and Fantales are Australian candy icons. If you’re at the movies and you hear someone digging into a bag, chances are they are eating one of these three. Referred to as lollies rather than candy, these three have been famous Australian sweets since before the second world war.  Minties are mint flavoured chewy lollies, Jaffa’s are balls of chocolate covered in a red candy shell and Fantales are chewy caramel pieces wrapped in chocolate. Fantales and minties are wrapped in wax paper and the Fantale paper is covered with information about famous actors and actresses, hence the name.

Paddle Pops – Paddle Pops are milk based ice cream bars available at almost any Gas Station. Chocolate, banana, vanilla, mint, bubblegum and caramel are just some of the flavours that have been available over the years.

Potato Wedges with Sour Cream and Sweet Chilli Sauce – It might seem like a strange combination, but it works. Give it a try!

Donating your unwanted items

As you are giving thought to packing for your return home please consider donating any items you can’t take with you. If you have purchased items that you can’t take home and you think future students could benefit from using them please let me know. We will designate a space in Urbanest to store these items.  Examples of these items might be: a room fan, a clock, or maybe a flip phone if you bought one from Global Gossip.

Farewell Lunch

If you haven’t read your NYU email yet please take a look. I have sent an invitation for our end of semester farewell to each of you. The farewell is being held at the Watershed Restaurant’s Spinnaker room. The Spinnaker Room has a fantastic view of the Sydney Opera House and Fort Denison. The food is excellent and the service is great. Please RSVP as soon as possible and include any dietary requirements in your email.

Take time for yourself

The end of the semester is always a busy time for students. For those of you balancing a lot of homework and multiple assignments, it is very easy to feel overwhelmed. Stress can be helpful when it acts as a motivator and detrimental when we feel as though it is getting the better of us. To safeguard against stress taking over there are a number of techniques you can employ. Below are some ideas for you to try

  • Get up and stretch 5-10 minutes every hour you are studying.
  • Eat and drink well. To function properly your brain and body needs nutrients and hydration.
  • Go outside! Summer in Australia has begun so go out and enjoy it.
  • Your brain works best after 8 hours sleep. Get your 8 hours
  • Take frequent breaks.
  • Get some exercise. Going for a run or lifting weights can be a great way to clear your mind, collect your thoughts and to prepare for hitting the books
  • Talk to friends. Your friends within the cohort are a great resource during a stressful time.
  • Sometimes a change can be a good thing. If you get distracted in your room try working at the UTS library or Science House.
  • Do some breathing exercises. Google abdominal breathing, progressive relaxation or guided visualization. There are also lots of guided meditation videos on Youtube. Just search “guided meditation.”

Prescription Reimbursement from HTH Worldwide

If you have had a prescription filled while staying here in Sydney and you would like HTH Worldwide to reimburse you please speak to Marcus. HTH Worldwide Insurance offers a reimbursement of 100% of the prescription price for any medication prescribed by a doctor and purchased in Sydney.  In order to be eligible for this reimbursement you must have made an appointment with a doctor within the HTH network and your doctor visit must have been covered by HTH insurance.  Your prescription must have been part of the treatment you received when visiting a doctor within the HTH network. All prescription reimbursements take approximately 30 days to be processed by HTH Worldwide. If you are not sure about whether or not HTH Worldwide will cover your prescription reimbursement, please stop by the Student Life office.



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Thanksgiving at Urbanest

Don’t forget our Thanksgiving dinner in Urbanest this Thursday night. We plan to start eating by 4:30pm so please make your way down to the courtyard at 4pm. Cynthia posted a reminder on Facebook about updating the google doc.  Please don’t forget to do this if you plan to bring something or if you change your mind and plan to bring something else.  See you there!

NYU traveller

If you are making plans to travel over the next few weeks please don’t forget to update your details in NYU Traveller. By updating NYU Traveller you will be kept abreast of any travel warnings or concerns that may relate to the destination you are planning to visit. NYU Traveller is a great tool and it provides you with peace of mind when traveling to an unfamiliar location. You can start updating your details by clicking on the website below. Once NYU Traveller has been updated please speak to Marcus about collecting your $10 Coles gift card.


Returning home – What to Expect

Even though there are still a few weeks left in the semester, now is a good time to start thinking about how it might feel when you get home. Believe it or not, there are psychological phases associated with returning home after a study away experience.  After the initial excitement of seeing friends and family wears off, some students report feeling out of place and disconnected.  These feelings are common and are often referred to as reverse culture shift. The roller coaster of emotions you may have felt within the first couple of months in Sydney may also be experienced within the first weeks or months of your return.  When the excitement of your return starts to diminish and you find few that can relate to your Sydney experience, you may begin to feel isolated.  Below are some tips to help you address the emotional changes you may experience when returning home.

Embrace the new you – Even if it doesn’t feel like it, chances are you’ve changed. You’ve met new people, travelled alone, and successfully negotiated 4 months on the other side of the planet. Be comfortable knowing that things might feel different because your worldview has changed.

Talk to friends and family – A person’s loved ones are often their strongest support during any difficult time.  Use them!

Keep in contact with friends from the program – Your friends from the program are a great resource when you return. They understand your experience better than anyone.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help – Professional help is only a phone call away. If you are struggling with the transition, or if you just want to talk to someone about your experience feel free to contact a medical professional. The NYU Wellness Exchange Hotline is staffed 24/7 and this can be a great place to start.

NYU Wellness Exchange Hotline – 212 443 9999

If you have any questions please stop by the Student Life Office and talk to Marcus.

Best Coffee in Sydney

Sydneysiders definitely love their coffee! Last spring the Student Life staff made a list of the places serving Sydney’s best coffee.  Obviously a list like this would be hotly debated and so I would like to create a definitive version. If you’ve had a great cup of coffee while in Sydney or if you think you’ve stumbled upon a café that trumps the rest please let me know.

Right now my two favourites are:

The Byron Bay coffee place just up from Urbanest – the caramel latte is superb.

Brew on Harrington Street – best caramel cappuccino in town.

How Fit are You?

If you are looking for a challenge the Andrew Boy Charlton Biathlon might be the event for you. Held on each Thursday until the end of the year, the Andrew Boy Charlton Biathlon consists of a 4km run through the Domain followed by a 300m swim.  This race is a great opportunity to meet other fitness enthusiasts in the city. If you are not a strong swimmer I wouldn’t recommend this event, as swimming after a run can be quite challenging. There is a $20 entry fee per competitor and door prizes are raffled off weekly.  For more information click on the link below.


Fastbreak at the Powerhouse Museum 

Fastbreak is a monthly series of interactive talks held at the Powerhouse Museum in Ultimo.  At the Fastbreak talks, 5 young professionals are given 5 minutes to share ideas about the monthly theme before engaging with audience members.  Speakers are selected from a variety of industries and are considered to be some of Sydney’s best up and coming talent.

The Fastbreak talks are morning discussions and your entrance fee includes tea, coffee and breakfast.  This week’s event will be your last opportunity to attend a Fastbreak talk. If you’re interested please click on the link below. Tickets for the event are $10.





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Visit Kings Cross

You have been here long enough to have heard that Kings Cross is a popular night spot for some Sydneysiders. What you may not realize is that Kings Cross is also a great place to visit during the day. As one of Sydney’s most well known areas “the X” is often the first stop for many travellers visiting Sydney. If you haven’t done so already I suggest you visit a café on a Saturday morning (preferably one with a nice view of Macleay or Victoria Street) and watch as people from all over the world descend on the area. It’s people watching at its finest.

While you’re in Kings Cross consider visiting the organic food market, grabbing a macaroon or cake from Strawberry Cream or taking a pic in front of the beautiful El Alamein Memorial Fountain.

The Wharf – Walsh Bay

The Wharf in Walsh Bay, just around the corner from the Rocks is home to the Sydney Theatre Company, Sydney Philharmonia Choirs, Australian Theater for Young People and the Bangarra Dance Company. The Wharf is the heart of performing arts in Sydney and some of Australia’s best performers consider it home. Hugo Weaving of Lord of the Rings and The Matrix fame is currently performing with the Sydney Theatre company and Academy Award winning actress Cate Blanchett is the company’s co-artistic director.

If you’d like to see some of Australia’s best performing artists and rising stars or if you’d just like to learn more about the Sydney Theatre Company click on the site below.


Your Sydney Wish List

The Student Life trip and excursion schedule has come to an end. Over the last few months we tried to provide you with a series of trips that we hoped you would both enjoy and find educational. We visited the Blue Mountains, played lawn bowls, toured the Rocks, surfed and sailed, camped in the Outback and played a little kickball. Each of you also pursued your own interests while living in Sydney and those interests have included, bungy jumping, scuba diving, attending concerts, playing on sports teams and visiting New Zealand and Tasmania.

As you reflect on your time here please give thought to some of the things you would still like to do. If there is something that you’ve been dreaming of doing or something that you think our group would enjoy please let me know. I would like to create a bucket list.

Who knows….one of these wishes might be granted!

Fort Denison Café

Fort Denison is the island structure located about one kilometre east of the Opera House. For anyone that has travelled on a Sydney Ferry to Manly this building would be very familiar. Originally built in 1841, Fort Denison was constructed as part of Sydney Harbour’s inner defences. At the time of it’s completion the Fort housed a garrison of 24 soldiers and one officer. Fort Denison is now a Museum and popular tourist attraction. Corporate events and weddings are often held at the site and a café and restaurant is also open 10:30am-3:30pm daily. For some of the best views in Sydney the Fort Denison café is hard to beat.

Keep Dec. 19 Free

On Thursday, December 19 the NYU-Sydney staff and faculty will be hosting a farewell event for you. The location of this event is yet to be decided but the evening promises to be a fitting farewell to you all. This will be an opportunity for you to have a great meal and to say goodbye to the faculty and staff members you worked with all semester.

Sydney’s Best Thai

Some members of the cohort have discovered the wonders of Thai food for the first time. Sydney has some great Thai restaurants but arguably Sydney’s best Thai restaurant is just around the corner. Prasit’s Thai is some of the best Thai cuisine available anywhere in the city and I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s some of the best in the country. The restaurant furnishings are simple but don’t let that be a deterrent. The food is outstanding!

Prasit’s is located on 183-185 Campbell Street, Surry Hills.

Cleaning at Urbanest

Before leaving Urbanest at the end of the semester please remember that each suite is expected to be cleaned thoroughly. The staff at Urbanest expect each room and common space to be restored to the same condition as when you arrived. In many cases this will mean cleaning windows, scrubbing floors, wiping down counters and cleaning bathrooms. Urbanest have buckets and cleaning supplies available at the front desk and these can be used by residents at no cost. There is still quite some time before you are checking out of your rooms but now is a good time to start cleaning. The more you do now the less you will have to do later.

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Surfing and Sailing this Friday

This Friday our group will be separating for one of our final Student Life excursions. Just under half the group will be sailing, stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking with instructors from the Balmoral Sailing School. The remainder will be learning to surf with instructors from the Mojo Surf company.

Sailing Group

Please plan to meet in the lobby of Urbanest at 8am. We will be travelling by public bus to Balmoral Beach.  Our bus will be departing from Carrington Street (near Wynard Station) so please wear shoes that will be comfortable for a walk of this distance.  Wear comfortable clothing and shoes for travelling and a swimsuit for swimming.  Unfortunately it might rain on Friday so please keep this in mind when preparing for the day. Breakfast will not be provided so please eat before we meet in the morning.  Our day will include a lunch break at around 11:30am and lunch will be provided.

Surfing Group

A bus will pick you up from Urbanest at 9:20am. Breakfast will not be provided as part of this trip but lunch will be. As it may rain on Friday please bring a rain jacket for times that you will be out of the water. Mojo Surf will supply everything you need for surfing but remember to bring a towel and change of clothes for the trip back.

Whether you’re surfing or sailing don’t forget to bring a water bottle, a towel and sunscreen.

Pics from the Outback Trip

Most of you will have noticed the pics from the Outback trip that have been posted on Facebook. Andy and I took a lot of pictures and I still have more. If you are interested in seeing these images please stop by the Student Life office.

On another note, some students suggested we sign a card thanking the Norris family for their hospitality this past weekend. I think this is a great idea! I will buy a card this week and if you are interested in signing it and writing a short message please stop by the Student Life office.

Winners are Grinners

If I awarded you a prize over the last couple of weeks I have not forgotten. I will purchase your prizes this week. If your name is listed below please stop by the Student Life office sometime next week to collect your prize.

Halloween Costume – Stacy

Melbourne Cup – John, Keith, Sydney

Art Galleries in Sydney – There’s still time

I think we would all agree that the semester has been a busy one. With your classes, homework, student life events and social lives it has been a pretty busy couple of months. Even though your schedules are packed you should consider making some time to visit some of Sydney’s art galleries. Featuring art from local and international artists, Sydney’s art galleries offer some fantastic work for you to enjoy. The White Rabbit Collection features the largest collection of contemporary Chinese art in the world.  Below is a list of art galleries you should consider exploring.  Most of these galleries are easily accessible from Urbanest.








David Jones Food Hall

A number of you have asked about the location of the David Jones Food Hall. With Thanksgiving fast approaching it might be worth visiting one of the few places in Sydney that sells American products. It is located on the basement level of the David Jones department store not far from Hyde Park. I should warn you some of the American products are expensive.

65-77 Market Street, Sydney.

The David Jones Food Hall is similar (but much smaller) to the Harrods of London Food Hall. It features gourmet food from around the world including bread, meat, cheese and seafood. If you haven’t visited the David Jones Food Hall yet please put it on the list. It’s worth a look!

The DJ’s food hall also offers: an oyster bar, a panini bar, a cheese and antipasto bar, a noodle bar, a grill bar, a sushi bar, an espresso bar and a juice bar.

Luna Park Tickets

If you haven’t visited Luna Park yet please don’t forget to squeeze in a visit. Luna Park is Sydney’s only amusement park and although the place has an old school feel it is still a great place to spend an afternoon or evening.  Luna Park at night under the lights still has a magical feel.

Mud Run

On Saturday November 30th there is a Mud Run being held at the Sydney Equestrian Centre. This might be a fun opportunity for a group of us to form a team. If you are interested in participating in this race and getting a little dirty stop by the Student Life office.


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Melbourne Cup Today

The Melbourne Cup is Australia’s major thoroughbred horse race and it’s often referred to as “the race that stops the nation.”  The first race was held in 1861 and the purse this year is worth $6.175 million.  The race will begin at 3pm and will take place at the Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne, Victoria.  In Melbourne, the race day is designated as a public holiday and all throughout Australia, people will take a break from their work to watch the race with co-workers and friends.  Over 100,000 people will attend the race with the women wearing elaborately decorated hats and dresses, while the men usually dress in fashionable suits.  The Student Life Office has assigned a horse to each student and there will be prizes given to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.  The Anthropology of Indigenous Australia class will be watching the race today, but if you aren’t in that class, be sure to turn on your tellie to catch the race!

 Maintenance at Urbanest

Occasionally the staff at Urbanest are required to enter suites to perform routine maintenance or to address a problem. If a maintenance worker does have to enter a room the Urbanest staff will attempt to contact each suite member via email or by letter and occasionally signs will be posted around the building. If you are not comfortable with a member of the Urbanest maintenance staff entering your suite you can always request that maintenance occurs only when you are present in the room. This can be done by completing a form at the Urbanest front desk at any time. If you have any questions about your room, suite or the building stop by the Urbanest front desk and have a chat with the desk worker.

This Weekend’s Trip – What to bring

For our final overnight, we will be heading west towards the center of the state and staying on a family farm. The idea behind this trip is for you to experience the lifestyle that has become such an important part of the Australian cultural identity. Life on an Australian farm is simple and so our living arrangements will also be simple. The bathrooms are equipped with showers but I’m assuming most will find it easier to skip showering. We will be sleeping under cover but it may get a little cold at night and early in the morning so please pack with this in mind.

What to bring

A pillow

A blanket


A change of clothes

Warm clothes to sleep in including socks

Volunteer Opportunity this Sunday

This weekend will certainly be a busy one, but if you’re looking to leave no stone unturned in Sydney, consider volunteering at Bradleys Head this Sunday. Conservation Volunteers is sponsoring a bush regeneration project that will involve clearing weeds that are encroaching on the Red Crowned Toadlet’s habitat.  The Red Crowned Toadlet is a species of Australian frog that is native to the Sydney basin. Due to urbanization the numbers of these frogs has seriously declined over the past few years. By clearing weeds around Bradleys Head a barrier that was preventing mating will be destroyed. This project will occur on Sunday, November 10 from 9:30am-3:30pm. If you are interested in assisting with this project please speak to Marcus.

Just in Time for the Holidays

Are you missing a taste of home? If you’re looking for some American food brands you’re in luck. One of Sydney’s major department stores has started stocking some popular American brands. David Jones has long been one of Sydney’s leading department stores and the David Jones Food Hall is known for stocking gourmet food from around the world. With the growing number of Americans calling Sydney home the David Jones Food Hall has now started to stock items such as Lucky Charms, Reese’s Puffs, Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue Sauce, Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix, Pumpkin Pie mix and lots more. With Thanksgiving just around the corner it might be worth taking a look.

Check out the David Jones Food Hall at 65-77 Market Street.

Mojosurf and Balmoral Sail November 15th

Don’t forget, Friday, November 15th, is when we will be splitting into two groups to either go surfing with Mojosurf or sailing,stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking with Balmoral Sail. Due to the dry climate watersports have become a huge part of the Australian culture. It just wouldn’t be an Australian experience without surfing or boating in Australian waters. If you’ve forgotten what you signed up for, here it is!

Surfing: Keith, Rachel, Anni, Cynthia, Gina, Randi, Caroline, Shula, Stacy, Kana, Gabbi, Ali

Sailing: Tyler, John, Ayla, Isabel, Meera, Sydney, Maddie, Jamie

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Australian Bush and Outback Adventure Trip

Our second overnight trip is scheduled for Friday, Nov. 8 and we will be travelling west to the small town of Eugowra. Eugowra is located in central New South Wales and it is the gateway to the outback.  On the trip to Eugowra we will be stopping at Jenolan Caves to explore the oldest discovered open caves in the world. These underground caves will be like nothing you’ve ever seen before. After stopping for lunch we will be learning to pan for gold using the same techniques that were used by gold prospectors decades ago. On Friday evening we will arrive at Inglevale station. Inglevale is a working sheep station and here we will spend the night as guests of the station’s owners.

For this adventure consider packing as you did for our Blue Mountains trip. The farm has running water and cabins for anyone wanting to sleep inside.  A number of you have expressed interest in sleeping under the stars and this will be your opportunity.

This trip is being led by the father and son team Garry and Andy Richards. Garry is Australia’s foremost outdoor educator having pioneered Outward Bound in Australia. In 1990 Garry was recognised in the Queens Honours list and awarded the Order of Australia Medal for services to youth and community.  Andy Richards currently operates Understand Down Under, an organisation specializing in tours of Australia’s national parks.

Barefoot Bowls and High Tea

On Friday, Nov. 1 our group will be visiting the Waverton North Bowling Club for a bowls lesson and high tea.  High tea at the bowling club is a variation of the British late tea tradition. High tea was traditionally served in the afternoon and the term high was used in the sense of well-advanced to signify late in the day. In more recent years high tea has been reserved for Britain’s wealthy families with many expensive hotels in the U.K serving a version of this afternoon tea tradition.  Our high tea will allow us to experience a tradition that was enjoyed by some Australians many years ago when our ties to England were much stronger.  Our high tea will consist of scones, cakes, sandwiches, tea and coffee and we will be dining on the club’s veranda. Please wear comfortable shoes with flat soles and bring a hat and sunscreen.

World Tour Dinner and Haunted Rocks Tour

Don’t forget on Wednesday, Oct. 30 an indigenous Australian themed dinner will be served in the computer lab at 6pm. Dinner will be followed by a tour of the area led by tour guides from Ghost Tours, The Rocks. This will be the night before Halloween so please feel free to come to dinner in costume.

Sculpture by the Sea

Not that you need an excuse to head to Bondi, but if you do I think you should consider checking out Sculpture by the Sea. The world’s largest free outdoor sculpture exhibition is currently being displayed along the Bondi to Tamarama walk. The exhibition features over 100 sculptures by artists from around the world. This exhibition will be on display until Nov. 10. Don’t miss it!


Exercise Classes Anyone?

If lifting weights or running on the treadmill is getting boring why not consider taking some classes at the King George V Recreation Centre.  The KGV is conveniently located on Cumberland Street, about a 5 minute walk from Urbanest.  Below is a list of classes being offered.  For more information visit their website at http://cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au/kgv

07.00 – Circuit
12.00 – Body Suspension
12.30 – CrossFit
13.15 – Yoga
18.00 – Boxing

07.00 – Boot-camp
12.00 – CrossFit
12.30 – Pilates
13.15 – Cycle
18.00 – CrossFit

07.00 – Yoga
07.00 – CrossFit
12.00 – Yoga
12.30 – Boxing
12.30 – Mens Team Basketball
13.15 – CrossFit
18.00 – Circuit

07.00 – Boot-camp
12.00 – CrossFit
12.00 – Mixed Team Basketball
13.15 – Cycle
18.00 – CrossFit

07.00 – CrossFit
12.00 – Body Suspension
12.30 – CrossFit
13.15 – Yoga

Kings Cross Organic Food Market

Sydney’s best and freshest organic food can be found at the Kings Cross Organic Food Market.  Open every Saturday from 9am-2pm this market is worth checking out.  The market is located in Fitzroy Gardens, Kings cross.


Resources Available in the Student Life Office

The Student Life Office is not only the home to Tim Tams, Mentos and apples. We have a growing library of books that can be checked out by students at any time. We also have picnic blankets, yoga mats and balls that can be signed out.  Feel free to stop by and check out the book titles.

Volunteer Opportunity

Conservation Volunteers Australia is looking for volunteers to assist with a bush regeneration project at Bradley’s Head.  Volunteers will focus on clearing the area of weeds in order to create more comfortable living conditions for the endangered red- crowned toadlet. The red crowned toadlet is a species of frog that is only found in the Sydney region.

Bradley’s head is located near the Taronga Park Zoo and this volunteer opportunity will take place overlooking the Sydney Harbour. This opportunity is scheduled for Sunday, Nov. 10 from 9:30am to 3pm. This is the day following our return from the bush/outback trip and so it will be a busy weekend. Please consider volunteering and as the date draws closer I will post a message on Facebook.

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